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Energy and Public Utility Law

Couch White’s Energy Group has extensive experience in representing public and private clients on all aspects of their energy needs. Couch White attorneys regularly appear before the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission and state energy regulatory commissions across the Northeast, as well as in proceedings conducted by independent system operators. We frequently assist clients in their interactions with regulators, public utilities, energy service companies, developers, customers, and other market participants.

The Firm’s representative experience includes:

  • Representing clients in utility retail rate and generic policy-making proceedings before state regulatory commissions.
  • Representing clients in transmission rate and rulemaking proceedings before the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission.
  • Representing clients in the New York Independent System Operator stakeholder process.
  • Negotiating interconnection agreements and assisting clients in interconnection processes conducted by utilities and Independent System Operators/Regional Transmission Organizations.
  • Providing energy planning advice to public and private clients.
  • Assisting governmental clients in developing and implementing energy policies.
  • Advising clients on resiliency-related improvements and capital investments.
  • Advising clients on energy efficiency and economic development plans and opportunities.
  • Helping clients resolve rate design and tariff-related issues with utilities and before state regulatory commissions.
  • Advising clients on submetering issues and obtaining submetering approvals from state regulatory commissions.
  • Representing clients in the acquisition and divestiture of generating facilities and other utility assets.
  • Advising clients on the development of distributed generation and combined heat and power projects.
  • Representing clients in a myriad of certification proceedings before state regulatory commissions.


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