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At the front lines representing companies that are driving the transition to a clean energy future


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Adam T. Conway

Couch White’s Renewable Energy Transactions Group consists of a cross-disciplinary team specializing in energy regulatory, siting, permitting, and real estate that assists clients with a wide variety of renewable energy transactions. Couch White is regularly at the front lines representing companies that are driving the transition to a clean energy future.

Notable transactions include:

  • Development, acquisition, and financing of solar, wind, hydroelectric, fuel cell, energy storage, and renewable natural gas projects, at both distribution- and utility-scale.
  • Purchases of renewable energy, in the form of renewable energy credit purchases, onsite installations, virtual power purchase agreements, carbon offset purchases, and community solar subscriptions. Click here for a case study discussing how Couch White was able to assist five large corporate buyers aggregate their renewable energy purchases in a first-of-its-kind virtual PPA aggregation.
  • Drafting and negotiation of key project contracts, including site control agreements, EPC agreements, utility interconnection agreements, incentive agreements, project off-take agreements, dairy farm biogas/RNG, CHP and decommissioning agreements.
  • Assistance with obtaining, defending, diligencing and complying with local, state and federal land use and environmental permitting obligations, as well as investigation of potential contamination, Phase I ESAs, and related issues for all forms of energy projects
  • Siting of transmission lines for onshore and offshore renewable energy projects (Click here for additional details).


South Fork Wind Farm’s First Wind Turbine

South Fork Wind Farm achieved first power generation from its first wind turbine. Couch White partner Len Singer played an integral role as legal counsel to this project.