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Alita Giuda and Blake Saunders Obtain Two Favorable Decisions from the Third Department

Nov 8, 2023

Couch White Attorneys, Alita Giuda and Blake Saunders recently obtained two favorable decisions from the Third Department.

In representation of the Developers of the Kingstonian Project—a large mixed-use development project planned for downtown Kingston, NY—Ms. Giuda and Mr. Saunders argued two appeals before the Third Department in September. The appeals consisted of challenges to the Ulster County IDA’s PILOT award to the Developers, and the City of Kingston’s abandonment of a local road for the development of the Kingstonian Project. On November 2nd, in line with the arguments advanced by Ms. Giuda and Mr. Saunders, the Third Department issued two favorable decisions, both of which affirmed the Supreme Court’s decision to dismiss the challenges to the project.

See the decisions here: