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Couch White Secures a Nearly $30 Million Favorable Ruling for Northeastern IP Holdings, LLC

Sep 5, 2023

Couch White, LLP secured a favorable ruling in a Tax Certiorari matter seeking a reduction in real property and school taxes for Northeastern IP Holdings, LLC – the owner of the Northeastern Industrial Park in Guilderland, New York.  The Northeastern Industrial Park is a former army depot, comprising of more than 20 buildings and includes land, roads, train tracks, and utilities.

As part of a town-wide revaluation, the taxing authorities more than doubled the assessment of the Industrial Park to $72.8 million. After a trial, the New York Supreme Court, Albany County reduced the assessment by nearly $30 million, down to $43.2 million.  The matter was subsequently settled by the taxing jurisdictions, resulting in a substantial tax refund for Couch White’s client. Couch White Partners Don Hillmann and Charlie Carluccio handled the case.